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Personal Water Craft PORTABLE Jet Ski Dock
(Travel Bag Included - Carry It Anywhere You Want to Go!!!)
Special - $299.00 + FREE shipping

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A Portable Jet Ski Dock. Simply Pick a Spot n Dock it!

Tired of the hassle of looking for a place to park your Personal Water Craft? Well look no further with Spot N Dock you can setup your own personal dock on virtually any surface. Adjustable feet allow you to adjust the height of your dock based on the bank you are on.
The SpotNDock Portable Jet Ski dock system features galvanized steal tubing for strength and durability. SpotNDock's Jet Ski Dock also features a PVC ram to protect your Personal Water Craft from damage to the hull. When getting in or out of the water Spot N Dock is there to make it easy... With locking clamps on the legs you never have to worry about readjusting, you just set your height and walk away. So on your next camping trip or family outing let Spot N Dock give you a easy and safe place to dock your PWC.

  • Less than 10 min setup or tear down
  • Protects PWC from shore hazards
  • Fits any Jet Ski
  • Makes getting on and off your PWC easy
  • Easy Winch up for tight and secure dock
  • Adjustable legs allow setup on most surfaces
  • Comes complete in 13" x 60" Tote Bag
  • Built with galvanized steel for long life
  • No need to take Jet Ski out of water
  • Just makes your time at the lake more carefree


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